Eleven Thousand Votes for Harambe

Powerful essay!

Devon J Hall

Remember several weeks ago when I wrote a post calling Julian Assange the fucking Devil?  That post is the single most reason I do not actually feel sorry for my American neighbors.

I warned you. Thousands of people around the world warned that this would happen.

I have to tell you before I get started, how I spent yesterday. I woke up, looked at Twitter and decided then and there to smoke a joint and relax. I refused to stress out, I refused to enjoy the ranting and raving on Twitter.

When Trump won I wasn’t even slightly surprised. I am well aware I knew this was going to happen and so do you.

Let’s have a history lesson.

The United States of America (The actual legal name of your country by the way) has a long history of mysogony, rape, abuse, hatred, neglect. In fact y’all have one of…

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