Author Spotlight: Meghan Shultz

Always Unstable: Bipolar and Hospitalisation: A Memoir




This book was a long time coming. It took a lot of time, a lot of ups and downs, to go with my bipolar ups and downs. I wrote more when I was manic but wrote deeper when I was depressed. I relived everything in my head, even the worst parts of it so that I could write exactly how everything happened. It was hard at times. I should probably explain that I have Bipolar I Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Anxiety Disorder. That’s a lot of disorders, huh? But I work with it, I live with it. I do the best that I can. It is what it is.

This book didn’t start very seriously, I never thought that I would be capable of writing something like this, something that people would want to read and enjoy. I thought that it was impossible. I had a very low opinion of myself. I started writing a blog a couple of months before I started the book. At first, my views were….minimal. I was only just starting to make a name for myself as a mental health writer. But as my blog was doing better and better I got more confident with my book. I was starting to think that yes, maybe people would read it. After all, they’re reading my blog.

Now time to tell you all about the book. Always Unstable: Bipolar and Hospitalisation: A Memoir. Long title, but it works. The book centers around my five psychiatric hospitalisations. Four of them were all within one year and some were in the US and others in Australia. The hospitalisations all started when I was just 15 years old. I was devastatingly depressed, self-harming, I just didn’t want to live anymore and I tried to kill myself with an overdose. I earned myself about two weeks in hospital for that one. I wasn’t committed again until about ten years later when I had a complete nervous breakdown. It was a bipolar mixed episode. Next was a manic episode and an eating disorder. Then electroconvulsive therapy and last but not least, the psychotic manic episode. I thought that I was living in the matrix. It was great. Not.

I have put so much of myself into this book. The dark depths of my soul to the soaring highs that make me fly. This book is an honest, gripping, and addicting book. I’ve written about some of my darkest moments, I’ve told some of my oldest secrets. I’ve bared everything for this book. This book is me. I really hope that someone else can relate to this book. Maybe so that they can feel less alone or get some help. I also hope that people without mental illnesses will read this and gain some insight into what it’s like to live and suffer from a mental illness.




I am 27 years old I’ve been living with mental illness for a very long time, most of my life. I have Bipolar I Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Anxiety Disorder. But that’s not all I am. I am also a writer, a painter, a knitter, and an avid walker. I love the winter time; I love the rain. I also have a constantly growing collection of stuffed animals. I love tattoos.



Twitter: @alwaysunstable

Facebook: @meghanshultzauthor
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