3 Day Quote Challenge: Resilience

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”  Steve Maraboli

Adapting to adversity. If you are reading this today is because you have the ability to roll with the punches. You’ve made it this far, be proud of it!

The road to resilience, whether is a rocky one, it is also considered the creation of a functional state in the face of adversity. We often fail to recognize our ability to regain our optimism and sense of meaning because we dwell how sensitive, self-conscious of a human being who breaks down easily we are. Let me remind you those are only thoughts because your actions say otherwise. You woke up this morning, made coffee, and let’s be honest, you check your social media sites to distract yourself. It might seem meaningless to you, but for me it means you still have this tiny hope that everything, even the small moments in life, is worth fighting for.



The repercussions of traumas and depression are so profound, we’re placed into a debilitating state so complex we don’t know what exactly provides comfort. Some people recover from trauma, some never do. But what is important is the fact you are coping with those ailments the best way possible. Research is a great path to understanding how our brain works during depression spells, and also how can we become our best advocates.


I didn’t fully understood these concepts until I met my therapist. I knew about them in general, but never took the time to reflect upon them. Her advice to me was to accept myself for who I am. “You are number 1, love yourself, surprise yourself; this is the only way you’ve been able to discover how strong and resilient you are.” She’s right. And this is my advice to you today, nurture a positive view of yourself, maintain a hopeful outlook, because you have endured so much and yet here we are. Treat yourself today with an activity you love to do, eat chocolate, anything because you deserve it. You are resilient.




5 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge: Resilience

  1. Stephanie, your post is so beautiful, and I admit, I’m crying now. As I mentioned the other day, someone I love very much is suffering now, and the situation is frightening and painful and very, very stressful. But you know, I did wake up and make coffee and am on social media right now. Thank you for reminding me about that thing called resilience. The Hemingway quote is spot on. xoxo

  2. Hi- thanks for joining us at the Twitter chat.

    I thought I would leave a comment here as Bobbi and Athena discussed resilience last week- well, they finished up discussing it Monday with the UK crowd.

    I will be back- your blog is so clean, well-organized, and… I’m a writer, too; just haven’t written as much poetry lately.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Nice meeting you last night! It’s means so much to me, be part of a group of people who understands my struggles without judgement. I’d love to ready some of your poetry.

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