Assault At Spring Valley High: A case of Police Brutality

In the midst of police brutality controversy, a new video went viral on social media showing a South Carolina deputy Ben Fields, violently throwing a high school from her desk in a classroom. “Give me your hands” fields repeated to the silent girl after pinning her to the ground. Let’s review the chain of events that lead such poor example of police intervention. The victim, who’s not yet been identified, was spotted using her cell phone by her teacher during math class. A typical transgression made by a teenager, don’t you agree? The teacher demanded to hand out the cell phone several times and when the teen refuse to do so, a school administrator has called upon. When the student refused once again, police were the next logical step for school authorities. Based on witness’s accounts, the student hadn’t done anything wrong; she just pulled her cell phone for a quick second.

What comes next is the video that went viral:

Take a look at the other student. Deputy Ben Fields could have easily hurt this girl as he tackled the teenager down. Let’s dwell of what the other students were feeling in the heated moment. We teach our kids the consequences of bullying, how it destroys someone’s identity, their right to live with peace of mind in an educational environment and this happens. All because of a high school student using her cell phone. Whose fault is this? Should we blame the “deputy” Ben Fields, who has a past of police brutality and misconduct? What about the School authorities? How a teacher does allow this atrocity to take place in a classroom? Aren’t students ought to feel protected from their teacher while in School grounds? The predicament upon this society is how we allow such hatred treatment to happen? If this girl was resisting, she did it quietly which makes it more painful. Are we failing students with behavioral issues to guide them through the proper outlets of education?

This video is another example of the egregious situation many families of color in Richland School District live in. An investigation is already in the works, but the horror of this case won’t go away so easily. Amidst of School shootings, gun violence, and bullying, School districts should be deeply concerned about the ways police intervention should be called upon. Do teachers have enough resources and competent training when dealing with students, not only teenagers with behavioral issues but ALL students in general? As parents, do we help our teachers enough when behavioral issues arise in a classroom? Do we really commit ourselves to teach our children the golden grounds of respect? The existing matter in question here is, Why is this girl being terrorized by a police officer in front of her classmates, dragged like a rag doll, handcuffed, and placed under the arrest? The outpour from news outlets is yet to come, but the truth here is, a black innocent girl should not be expectable of this rotten society.



In a new report by Shaun King, the victim recently lost her mother and is living in foster care. According to the attorney representing the victim, she’s suffering from injuries on her face, neck, and arm. But the emotional damage is far more damaging than all the injuries she’s suffered. Please help me to find a way to help this young girl.

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