Fight Of The Century For Domestic Abuse: Idolizing Abusers

A fight that took years in the making. An “epic battle” between two boxing champions that according to the stats, has left an after sour-taste to the many fans who paid an absurdity amount of money to watch the exchange either in Vegas ($180,000 5 days before the fight), pay-per-view ($99.95) and of course, the local bars who took advantage of the occasion and charged approximately $30 for admission. Quite expensive don’t you think?.

-I am not going to go further with statistics and talk about the physical strength and sacrifice these boxers prepare themselves for many years to eventually meet to these media-fueled battles. I am not an expert in the sport of boxing, and this is definitely NOT the purpose of this entry. I understand the hype and the love for sports, I am an avid Hockey and Soccer fan myself, I understand the energy and good vibes a sport brings. But to my point, Rolling Stone magazine published an article with the following title: “Love the fight, not the fighters”. Let’s not invest ourselves emotionally into the lives of these athletes because we cannot relegate our minds to the hypocrisy of the non-fight fans. On this particular piece written by Seth Gruen, bring us to the other side of the coin “If we should be rooting for anything, it’s that the fight lives up to the hype”. well, It’s Rolling Stone my fellow readers, the magazine who failed miserably and created even more fear and stigma to the rape culture and its victims. Stick to the music reviews please.


-My question is, why do we failed to see Floyd Mayweather’s history of domestic violence so miserably? Josie Harris, Mayweather’s former long time partner described herself as “battered woman”. A woman who in 2010 while she was sleeping in her home, Mayweather yanked her to the floor by her hair, and punched her in front of their kids. His history of domestic violence is well documented and yet, our society has chosen to disregard intentionally the actions of this man all because of the hype; he’s a world boxing champion!. -You may argue by saying he already paid his crimes according to the law, “Only God can judge me” he claims, true to that, but you sir and all the people who has turn a blind eye to the millions and millions of victims, your wife, your former fiancee, your children, who may or not recover from the devastating aftermath of your inexcusable actions deserve to be judge for the lack of empathy and humanity for christ sakes.

-So now we can’t judge this man because most of all, he’s an athlete, and we all make mistakes, it’s all about the sport! the money team. Well I am going to judge because I am not following this kind of vicious trap our decaying society falls for. I am a survivor of domestic violence at the hands of my father. The screams, the fears, the beating, the scars, the rape my mother had to go through for so many years, but it’s fine let’s move on and forget the man, the perpetrator. I haven’t recovered from it, none of my sisters have completely recovered from it. I doubt Mayweather’s children could recover from the abuse, if you don’t believe me, please read the heartbreaking letter Koraun Mayweather wrote telling how his dad beat his mom.


Fellow bloggers, I write this to you in tears, because society has failed me. It failed to recognize how disturbing it is to endure childhood in a home fill with violence. People were willing to pay $100 for a stupid, boring fight, but we do not have enough funds for mental health institutions and rape victims. I’m bitter because this world would recognize an abuser as a champion. My hopes had gone too far away for me to reach out.

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