Idealism within pragmatism

There is no great difference between false materialism and typical forms of idealism. The stages of personal change, especially if you are coping with depression and other mental illnesses, can become quite interesting and informative.

At the same time, this warm courtship of advocacy brings reflection into the soul, it’s a very powerful reinforcement. But this is not the purpose of my writings. I have discover I have a problem with fellow bloggers who transform themselves into the worst type of stigma; the ones who lecture and exercise such self righteous impositions unto others who perhaps, are suffering from the same damaging mental illness, who care more of how many followers they have, the awards they have won or how the organizations they volunteer for.

While I applaud their bravery, I can’t quite tell if honesty and compassion are the reasons behind the purpose. It turns into a deviation of what the real problem is that it’s impossible to even like them. It does become a bigger problem when social media romanticizes depression without considering how deep those roots are.

I once read “One key to personal intelligence is the ability to distinguish our perception to another person from who the person really is”. Knowledge indeed is power, stamping out against stigma its one of the most brave acts; but let’s not forget the purpose and focus that brings us together as a community. Compassion and honesty should always go hand in hand, the best example we can preach it’s our own life, even when things go miserably wrong.


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